SRS 25th Annual Conference

Society for Reformation Studies, 25th Annual Conference


Westminster College, Cambridge, 10-12 April 2018

2018 marks the four-hundredth anniversary of the convening of the Synod of Dordt, one of the most important gatherings of Protestant divines before modern times, with representatives drawn from Reformed churches across Europe, including Britain. The anniversary provides an opportunity to reflect upon the Synod itself, and more widely on the Reformed tradition in its various manifestations, and on its relationship with the broader Reformation.

For this, the twenty-fifth conference of the Society for Reformation Studies, we invite papers (25 minutes’ maximum) exploring the Reformed tradition in all its aspects: theological, ecclesiological, social and political. Papers might consider divines and their theology (whether famous figures such as Zwingli, Calvin, and Bullinger, or less familiar but still influential divines from Whitaker and Ursinus to Turrettini, Voetius and Rivet). Or speakers might choose to focus on the distinctive ways that the Reformed tradition developed in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, England, Scotland, Poland-Lithuania, Transylvania, Hungary. South Africa or New England. Papers might investigate a range of possible themes, including church government and discipline, the ministry, theology, religious controversy, ceremonies, or practical divinity. Speakers might also choose to discuss the translation, reception and circulation of Reformed texts and people across different countries and churches. Papers might explore Reformed links with other religious traditions, from the ambiguous relationship with other strains within English religion (both ‘Anglicans’ and dissenting groups) to the often (but not always) tense relationships with Lutheranism and the Lutheran churches. Another area for exploration would be the various attempts made to reconcile these traditions, from Melanchthon and Calvin to Calixtus and the Syncretists. Representations of the Reformed tradition – by supporters and opponents, and by different groups vying to speak in the name of Reformed ‘orthodoxy’ – might also provide fruitful topics for investigation.

Leading us in consideration of this theme will be Jane Dawson, Bruce Gordon, Stephen Hampton, and Scott Spurlock.

As ever, papers which reflect the current work of participants, regardless of their relevance to the theme, are welcome. The conference is always particularly keen to hear communications from post- graduate and early career scholars.

For further information, contact Allan Smith,, or Charlotte Methuen,

Proposed paper titles and abstract (100-150 words) should be submitted by 15 January 2018 to Charlotte Methuen:

Registration may be via the downloadable booking form: SRS 2018 Booking Form-rn13h1 or reformed-registration-36610681534 (full conference only; credit card fees apply).

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